Figuring out Net Carbs

Figuring out net carbs can be very confusing. The term “net carbs” is not used by the FDA or the American Diabetes Association. When you see it on a label, you should read the nutrition facts and ingredients list for more information and do your own calculations.

The A Life Well Eaten diabetic educator suggests the following formula.
Total Carbs – half the fiber and sugar alcohols = Total Net Carbs

So double check. Are you following a manufacturer’s findings who is trying to sell you something or someone with medical expertise that is looking out for your diabetic health?

Look at it this way. A Life Well Eaten used a “low carb” tortilla to make our delicious Pizzettas. The manufacturer claims they are 5g net carbs. Their formula is 30g carbs minus 25g of fiber leaving you with only 5g net carbs. However, if we follow the formula suggested by our diabetic educator it’s actually 17.5g net carbs. 30g carbs – (25g /2) 12.5g fiber = 17.5g net carbs.

For some recipes or products you’re only talking about a difference of 1-2g. But when looking at the tortilla example above you can see how much impact a high fiber product can have. Do your homework. And when in doubt talk to your doctor or your diabetic educator. That’s what we do!